Soil testing provides essential information on soil health and baseline nutrient status. It forms the basis for efficient, cost effective use of lime, fertilisers and trace elements. Soil testing is now a key component in Nutrient Management Planning and is playing an important role in ensuring that the loss of nutrients from agriculture to surface water is minimised.

IAS Laboratories offer various soil analysis suites, ranging from a basic test of pH, P, K and Lime Requirement, up to a full trace element analysis In addition to the standard soil analysis for pH, lime requirement, phosphorus and potassium, a range of specific analyses are available for trace elements, for all soil test requirements, for farmers, ag consultants, research and development and other specialised areas. All analysis is backed up by advice from an adviser who is familiar with local soil conditions.

Why send your samples to IAS Laboratories?

  • Fast and Efficient Turn Around Times
  • Department Approved & INAB Accredited for Morgans P, Morgans K, pH, SMP pH & Organic Matter
  • Excellent Customer Service
  • Back up on your results
  • Extremely competitive pricing

Guidelines to Taking a Soil Sample

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