IAS ltd provides high quality, cost effective diagnostic testing options to Veterinary practices across Ireland. We understand the need for quick and accurate results, so you can investigate and solve any areas, which may be causing health problem on your clients farm, therefore reducing mortality rates and maintaining excellent client relationships. Every herd problem starts somewhere and together with IAS Ltd you can confidently find the source of the problem, be it mineral deficiencies in the diet or disease among the herd.

Mineral deficiency, and sometimes excess, is a common cause of poor performance within the herd. IAS Ltd carry out a comprehensive mineral scan, including elements such a copper, zinc, molybdenum, selenium and many more, on both milk and blood samples. The results pinpoint any problem areas on the farm and can be used to implement a mineral program which will dramatically improve the health of your client’s herd. It is not enough to treat the problem, you must isolate the source of the problem. Our laboratory can help in this area as we test soil and forage samples, which is the most common source of mineral problems.