Water Testing

Domestic Wells

IAS Laboratories carry out all water testing for a variety of purposes including general safety monitoring or for individuals applying for private well filtration system grants. We provide a full service, from supplying sample bottles, carrying out all analysis and providing a full explanation of your results. Our explanation will include advice on how to deal with any issues you may have with lime, bacteria or other factors.

Most of our customers will have experienced an issue with their water in the past, they may be unsure if it is safe to drink if it hasn’t been tested in a long time. Some of our customers experience issues such as high hardness damaging their appliances or high manganese and iron changing the colour of the water or low pH value causing their pipes to corrode. Its very important that your well is tested once per year especially if there are young children or older people drinking the water as they may be more susceptible to illness if their is bacteria present in the water.

IAS Laboratories analyse for issues and components such as Hardness, Iron, Manganese and Bacteria, all in accordance with the S.I. 122 of 2014 Drinking Water Regulations.

Many people will be entitled to a grant for reopening a well or upgrading their well. Please check with your local council as to your entitlements.

How to take a Well Water Sample

Drinking Water Explanation

Order Sample Bottles

Food Producers/Bord Bia Members

waterIf you are apart of a growing group, provide food products to any large supermarket chains or a Bord Bia member you may need to have your process water tested for bacteria or a the specific Board Bia water testing list. IAS Laboratories can provide you with a fast and efficient service for your water testing compliance. If you require further advise or details, contact us on 059 972 1022 or email sales@iaslabs.ie.



Well Drillers/Filtration Services

IAS Laboratories provide a full suite of water testing to all well drillers and filtration companies. Our service provides independent results and a range of different analyses types can be carried out to suit the needs of the customer.

IAS Laboratories also carry out water testing for an array of different businesses, organisations and individuals, including:

  • B&B’s and Guest Houses
  • Local Authorities
  • Group Water Scheme Groups
  • Delicatessen Services
  • Car Wash Businesses
  • Schools and Sports Clubs
  • House Buyers/ House Planning Applicants

Please note, all samples for bacterial analysis MUST be submitted in sterile containers which we can provide upon request.


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