Compost & Sludge Testing

Over the past number of years IAS Laboratories have been providing a large amount of sludge analysis to sludge contractors who need fast and accurate results. IAS Laboratories can test for a full range of heavy metal analysis and provide a full list of nutrients available in the sample.


IAS Laboratories have invested in OXITOP CONTROL UNITS from the USA to provide AT4 testing which currently takes place at our laboratory in Bagenalstown. This test is significantly important in the waste sector for monitoring requirements and Waste Licence criteria. We also carry out a diverse range of testing on compost including Heavy Metals, Nutrients, Organic Materials and Bacteria.


IAS Laboratories provide the service of testing Sludges for a range of analysis such as N, P, K and Dry Matter. We test a range of Paunch, Belly Grass, Dried and Cake type sludges. IAS Laboratories also offer the testing of bacteria along with Polychlorinated biphenyls, Polychlorinated dibenzodioxins, Polyaromatic hydrocarbons and Nonylphenols for annual analysis.

Testing of sludge for heavy metals is also significantly important. We can carry out full heavy metal analysis to low limits of detection.

IAS Laboratories are proud to be Members of Cre the Compost & Anerobic Digestion Association of Ireland